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It’s All About User Experience

Today, in the world of SEO, there is no feature more important than the user’s experience on a website. 

Search engines are adding more value to both site traffic and engagement, showing that websites ought to be able to keep a user once they visit. 

Getting people to your website is one thing, but keeping them there is another. The average person does not browse the Internet for fun, but often has
a distinct purpose and question he or she is looking to answer. When a website successfully provides the most relevant experience possible to a user,
that person is more likely to linger on the site, as well as to return again when more or similar information is needed. Usefulness is what the average
user wants, and therefore Google and other search engines have started ranking usefulness with greater importance. 

There are some key questions that you can ask yourself about your website, that will help ensure the user experience is as good as possible:


  • How much time are your users spending on your website on average? While it would not make sense for a user to spend hours and hours on a single site (especially in one visit), you do want them to remain browsing your site for a good amount of time, since this is a sign that they found what they were looking for. 
  • Is navigation on your website easy? When going from link to link and browsing around your website, you want to have a simple, straight-forward experience. If a site is too complicated to navigate, a user might get frustrated and leave. 
  • How much are you engaging the visitors that come to your site? While this question slightly depends on the purpose of your website, in general, you will want to create more interactions with your user in order to keep them interested, make them feel special, and provide unique offers. 

These questions are a good place to start in order to assess the user experience of your website. As the Internet grows in utility, the websites it houses
must follow suit. Focusing on the user experience of your website is by far the most important step you can take toward SEO in 2016.

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