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Is Your Site Within Google’s Crawl Budget?

Page speed must not be overlooked by website designers as just a privilege or an assumed feature. No matter how high quality a website is, how beautiful its design, or how useful its information, the page speed can stand in the way of success of additional features. 

Page speed alone is a ranking factor for Google. This means that the faster your loading speed, the higher you will be ranked. However, its importance
goes further. 

Google has something called a crawl budget. A crawl budget is the specific time allotted to one of Google’s bots to crawl through your website. The bot
will not remain on your site longer than this amount of time. What this translates to in practical terms is that Google bot will make it to fewer pages
of your website the slower your pages load. This can be significant when your have a bigger site or an information-dense website. With less time to
crawl its pages, the bot will miss relevant content that could otherwise be boosting your ranking stature. Make sure that all of the hard work you
put into your website is recognized and indexed properly by Google by making your pages have as fast a loading speed as possible. 

Beyond this, and perhaps most importantly, page speed impacts the experience of users and how likely they are to continue viewing your site. According
to research, about 40% of viewers will be leave a website if the loading time is greater than three seconds. The standard expectation of users on the
Internet is that a page will load in two seconds or less. 

People browsing the Internet expect fast website transitions. In order to keep your audience interested, you must live up to their standards. Google rankings
mean nothing without the users who visit your site bounce before they convert. Prioritize page speed and you will set yourself up for success and ensure
that the quality content on your website is viewed more often.

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