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Is Keyword Density Dead?

A couple of years ago, keyword density was the number one way to boost website rankings and increase search engine optimization. 

If you could strike the ideal number of keyword mentions embedded within a piece of content, you were guaranteed to boost your chances of raking higher
in search results relating to your business.

However, as the structure of search methods themselves changed, the way in which search engines respond has had to evolve alongside them. With the introduction
of voice searching and with the increasing use of the internet by the general population, searches have grown more precise in terms of what a searcher
is looking for.

It is not uncommon for a search today to look like, “high-priced steak restaurants in the greater Boston area open on Sundays.” This high level of specificity
demands that the search engine providing an answer do so with a high degree of detail. This is where keyword density gets kicked out and a place for
semantic content can move in. A semantic search algorithm (such as those used by Google) intends to evaluate an individual search by the intent the
user had when inquiring. This method goes beyond generating of a list of hits that match the words used and uses context to determine what it is exactly
that the search is hoping to find.

This method makes the results much more applicable to the search. What does this mean for the fate of keywords? It means that the way in which they are
used has become much more important than the number of times they are used. There are some crucial ways in which you can focus your keyword driven
content to work within the realm of semantic context. Check out our post next week to see just how to do so!

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