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Interlinking Your Website

Interlinking your website is an extremely easy way to keep visitors engaged on multiple pages of your website, while also improving your Google PageRank. 

Interlinking, more or less, consists of placing links to other pages, or previous content, throughout your content. For example, let’s assume you maintain
a cooking blog. Linking a past recipe for an ingredient that is essential in your current blog post is a perfect example of interlinking your website.
Instead of only providing one door for your visitors to open, you are allowing them to branch off and visit the rest of your website. 

Starting is simple; post a link to another webpage anywhere on your site. It is important to note, however, that interlinking cannot be abused. Google will only take into account the first link to a webpage; any subsequent link is ignored. In other words, you cannot simply spam random links all over your webpage and expect results. At the same time, links to older content have more “link juice” than newer content. Keep these in mind when re-directing traffic to other parts of your website via interlinking.