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Inspire User Interaction with Design

We all know the salesman-type: overhyping, overdramatizing, and overselling a product to the point of annoyance. Harnessing the power of an interactive website design is a balance between enticing the user and not overdoing the charm. Clutter and excess stimulation should be avoided and not detract from the reinforcing experience and aesthetics of a properly designed site. 

Simply stick to these 5 tips: 

  1. Know your user. Survey your target audience, get feedback from clients, consider what features might benefit those looking through your products. Take a tip from your competition and see what competing websites are using to get a sense of what appeals to your consumer and what might make their experience on your website better. 
  2. Keep it direct. Strive not to complicate the perspective of the user with too many choices or distractions. The same goes for language; don’t use vocabulary that is too lofty or high-end. Make using your website as straightforward for your client as possible. 
  3. Make it simple. Simplicity is the newest theme in website design and particularly important for sites that translate into mobile platforms. Minimalist web design with more images and fewer words will visually please your user and not distract them from what you intend to sell. 
  4. Choose design features with purpose. Take time to select fonts, white space, and colors. Keeping font and color variety to a carefully selected minimum can promote distinction and professionalism. Mixing it up is important, but you will want to only use emphasis when you really mean it. 
  5. Do not just set it and forget it. Website design is not a one time deal. Constant feedback and alterations are necessary for success. Update your site to reflect user opinions and new design features. Use these basic tips to advance the interactive intrigue of your site.
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