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Increasing Social ROI

Return on investment (ROI) is the benefit that the investor gains after investing some amount of resource. Typically, ROI is used as a metric to evaluate how efficient some investment is and to compare various investments against each other for their efficiency. 

Most businesses will benefit from using some form of measurement to gauge how they are succeeding in social media initiatives. However, more than 70% of
companies are unable to see their ROI, and if they are seeing this metric, it is through the use of unsophisticated methods. 

The simplest ways to look at ROI are through “reach” and “resonance.” Reach refers to the number of people who are reached through social messaging, while
resonance includes other social media metrics such as responses, comments, and shares. Through these accessible and basic measurements, businesses
can also open the door to brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

The biggest goal is to maintain your business website at the center of attention. The website is where individuals can see more information, buy products, and sign up for any discounts or programs. By posting directly to Facebook, as opposed to using automatic social media management tools, a business can increase its organic reach. Manually posting in this way allows for unique additions to posts with pictures or links, to make them more appealing to users. This method adds one more way in which to bring users to your website. 

Additionally, depending on your user population, expanding to different social media platforms, such as Instagram, can be an indispensible way to get users
to share your content and increase the efficiency of your social media investments. Finally, a crucial detail is to set up a pathway between your social
media conversation and your website. Making all the content related to your business readily seen on the home site creates an atmosphere of inclusion
and publicity. By making the cycle complete, you will see an increase on your ROI with every included consumer contribution.

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