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Increase the Performance of Existing Content

If you have worked on SEO for your site, you are probably aware of which pages from your site rank best on Google. You are also probably aware of which key phrases you most want to rank for in your market. But, are you aware of the places where your site has a good start on rankings but you aren’t quite achieving page one?

Finding out which pages on your site are ranking in the 10-20 range on the search engine results can be a great place to identify pages that could be easily improved to have a serious impact on your traffic. Often, this may be a smarter place to focus energy than on trying to create brand new pages.

Google Search Console is an important tool to use in this process. In the console, you can look at the search analytics report. Within this report you can see the clicks and impressions for each key phrase you rank for and then in what position you rank. You can then drill down for detail on which pages rank on your site for those key phrases. Using this tool, you can identify pages you have already which are ranking reasonably well, but not on page one. Improving these pages can have a really quick impact, because Google already has them indexed and has identified them as having value if they are ranking near the top.

Once you know what pages you want to improve, you can add additional information where helpful and make sure that your target key phrase or a variation of it appears in your title tag, headers, and links. You can also make sure that other pages on your site link internally to this page, particularly if they are high performing pages themselves. Lastly, if possible, you can do some link building to generate external links to these pages from reputable sites.

By focusing energy on making these pages their best, there is a high likelihood that you can improve their rankings on the search engines from page two to page one, and this can have a significant impact on their value to your business. Don’t waste time, start evaluating your under performing pages today.

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