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If you don’t update your content, even the spiders get bored…

If you don’t update your web content often, you miss a valuable opportunity to appeal both to your users and to search engine spiders that are constantly crawling the web for content. The primary goal of these crawlers is to serve content to users that is relevant and up-to-date. If you let your content get stale, you will lose visibility to other site’s newer, better information.

“Content” can be comprised both of words and of videos, images, infographics and more. The rate at which you need to update varies based on the medium you are maintaining. For social media profiles, new and interesting content should be posted at least several times per week if not daily. If you are managing a blog, weekly posts are the ideal, and anything less than monthly will make you look like you forgot about your readers. If you are examining your web content, you should consider having portions of your home page that change at least monthly, resources and information can be updated monthly, and you should review all of your content on at least an annual basis.

Consider utilizing your other frequently updated marketing to make home page updates simple, like showing recent blog posts or serving a Facebook feed. When conducting a full site review, research keyphrases and the search landscape and make sure that your content updates reflect what your customers are searching for, also think about the direction of your company and if any changes need to be reflected in your messaging. If you allow content to just sit for too long on the web, it will quickly become stale and irrelevant make sure you update it frequently or work with a company that can help to do that for you.

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