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How to Use Twitter to Drive Sales

Our CEO was interviewed and quoted in this article on how to drive Twitter sales. You can read a preview below or read the entire article here

Marketing on Twitter has some obvious hurdles. Tweets are short – even with the updated 280 character limit, your pitch needs to get to the point. It’s
not as photo-driven as other platforms. And tweets quickly disappear, replaced by new ones, so your message needs to resonate.

To find out how retailers can leverage Twitter, we reached out for tips from professional digital marketers on making the most of the platform.

Nicolas Straut, a content marketing associate at Fundera, suggests retailers create special offers for followers.

“Customers can receive, say, 25 percent off special items by following a link to a website landing page created for the event,” Straut says. “Or show their
cashier the tweet before the sale’s deadline to take advantage of the sale.”

Seth Worby, CEO and founder of Champ Internet, suggests using a specific Twitter list for your most loyal customers.

“Use that list to monitor any tweets from the group,” Worby says. “You can like them, retweet them or reply to them directly. This makes it easy to ensure
that you are constantly engaging with your most loyal customers.”

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