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How To Really Hack SEO By Focusing On User Intent

To keep your brand at the top of search engine rankings, it’s imperative that you harness behavioral data from your users—and optimizing your content is the best way to obtain that data. Today, most content marketers aren’t integrating user data into their content marketing campaigns – but by thinking outside of the search term box, you’re bound to see an immediate increase in user retention. Here’s how:

Think beyond the keyword. Lots of marketers attempt to load their content with relevant keywords, but today’s algorithms demand greater intention with regards to keyword selection. In other words, it’s not just what you say – it’s how you say it. Users won’t remember exact phrasing, but they’ll retain the emotional impact of a powerful campaign. So get your users excited, and cater to their passions! The best content has emotional heft to back it up.

Understand Google’s pursuit of quality content. Google’s sophisticated algorithms do a lot more than match up keywords—today, Google’s powerful filters weed out “low quality” results in any search. What counts as low quality? Poor spelling, a lack of synonyms, and “search query understanding” all play a role in Google’s rankings. For best results, ensure that your content is original and high quality in its own right, and not just catering to keyword overload. 

Keep it relevant; keep it fresh. Google is always trolling for the freshest, more relevant quality on the Web – and it’s up to content marketers to stay abreast. Remember: You’re competing against trillions of pages, so keep in mind that as content ages, it loses its “freshness.” Update content regularly for optimal rankings, and remind yourself that as long as you’re keeping current – reading these tips, for example – you’re moving your brand in a positive direction. Happy marketing!

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