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How to Find People to Follow on Social Media

When seeking out followers on social media, you want to make sure to prioritize quality over quantity. While having a higher number of followers is better, the power harnessed by those numbers decreases if they are random rather than specific. You want to make sure that the people you have follow you are truly a part of your targeted audience, as this allows you to maintain higher quality interactions with those individuals. 

First, when looking for followers you should start with people you already know. Building your social media presence should start with anyone you have had interactions with (previous customers, email contacts, those you have met networking). By having the introduction already done, you are on the road to fostering a really fruitful relationship with these people. 

Second, figure out who out there already has powerful influence within your social media circles. If you can seek out those who have an impact, you could work up to a relationship where they might be able to promote you. With their enormous influence, those already successful in social media are a great group to follow. 

Third, follow those who follow you. If individuals are posting on your content or passing it along, they will be important for you to follow. This will group your social circle together and show that you are responsive to their contribution. 

Fourth, harness the power of hashtags. Not only do hashtags organize content, but they also create a community and inspire others to join. Whatever method you choose to find new people to follow on social media, take care to pursue the more meaningful connections. This little bit of extra effort will pay off in the quality of business relationships you create.

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