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How To Build Connections on LinkedIn Part II: Anatomy of a Connection Message

It is not uncommon for a person to receive hundreds of LinkedIn connection invitations. In this setting, where you might be up against
any number of other members when sending out a cold LinkedIn connection message, you want to ensure that your message is read and responded to. The
message anatomy you utilize when reaching out to potential contacts on LinkedIn is pivotal to your level of success in the process. We suggest a 4-part
personalized message to hit all your bases and boost your chances of a successful connection. 

Step 1. Find connections that make sense. What we mean here is that you ought to be contacting individuals who are related to you in some
way. Quality is much better than quantity in this context, and you want to send invitations to those who are related to your field of interest. 

Step 2. Be clear in your intentions. Being transparent when you send your message is pivotal. Do not decline to personalize your message,
and mark a person as a friend whenever possible. Then, in your message, explain just why you are reaching out. Whether you are looking to simply build
your network in a new area or just boost your connections relating to your small business, make this clear in your message. 

Step 3. Start with the commonalities. When constructing your message to a new contact, absolutely make sure you point out any common ground
you have with them. You might have worked for the same company, have gone to the same school, have a mutual connection, or any other number of commonalities.
Mentioning what you already share together establishes trust and makes the connection invitation feel less random. 

Step 4. Send a follow up message. After someone decides to accept your invitation, send him or her a brief message to help make the most
of this new connection. Thank him or her for accepting your invitation, as in some way he or she has just done you a favor. Then you can leverage for
any new connections they might be able to suggest for you. Additionally, you could take this opportunity to offer them the same in order to establish
a back-and-forth exchange. 

Follow these four simple parts of a cold LinkedIn connection message and you will increase your chances of success.

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