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How To Build Connections On LinkedIn Part I: Who To Follow

Using LinkedIn as a platform for making career connections is an excellent idea. The potential for new prospective customers, partners, or even just contacts in your industry is almost endless. However, you do not want to just blindly attempt to invite anyone, for fear of scaring them off or seeming disingenuous. We have some simple tips for building connections on LinkedIn and how to identify whom you want to connect with. 

First and foremost, it is important to send a connect invitation directly from a person’s full profile. If you choose to connect through an alternative
page, such as People You May Know or Who Has Viewed Your Profile, you are sacrificing the opportunity to write a custom request. This custom request
allows you to provide more information when you try to connect, such as who you are and why you are interested in the connection. This saves your invitation
from being missed or ignored. A second goal to keep in mind is planning what you will say when you send an invitation with your custom message. Some
important details to touch upon might include: reminding them if you have met before, explaining why you hope to connect, describing the benefits of
forming a relationship, mentioning the commonalities between you, and of course complimenting them in some way. Using these points will help establish
a friendly connection and show your well-intended interest. Third, do not belabor the point in this custom message. You cannot expect anyone to read
or be won over by a long-winded note. Keeping your message short and succinct will hold more meaning and swaying power. 

You should connect with people who are in your niche that have some form of relevance to you, like being in the same Group. As long as there is a commonality
to build upon, seeking out new connections on LinkedIn can be very productive for your industry. Try out some of these tips today and check back next
week for Part II!

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