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How to Boost CTR with Curiosity Gaps

Humans all share a curious instinct. We are curious about everything around us, and this extends to wanting to know what looms behind a particular link online. Harnessing human curiosity is an excellent way to simply boost your CTR. The best way to do this is to create a curiosity gap in your message. A curiosity gap is a break in information that leaves the reader wanting more. You might notice that you have great rates concerning individuals reading your emails or newsletters. However, those numbers drop when it comes to CTR. The curiosity gap can inspire readers to take one step further and pursue the path you have set up for them.

Cleverly used curiosity will offer some information, while highlighting a gap in that information. This is the ideal set up for getting a reader to click on a link to learn more. One example of this might be “Students’ school attendance rates have dropped 5% in the past 3 years. Here’s what teachers say is impacting this drop.” Here you can see a potentially relevant statistic is given, and then the reader is enticed to look further into why. The gap has been created between attendance rate and what is causing it to drop. By directing your curiosity gap toward a topic relevant to your target audience, you will inspire more and more viewers to help boost CTR.

Additionally, another way in which to utilize curiosity for boosting CTR is to play into the human desire to learn and problem solve. If you layer your link titles with hints at tricks, tips, and highly sought after information, people will be unable to resist clicking on them. For example you might say, “Using this secret ingredient every time you make pasta will completely change the way you experience dinner.” Everyone wants to get ahead, find a short cut, or improve a daily experience. By honing in on these natural desires, you will provide entertainment while increasing your CTRs.

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