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Honoring the Five Second Rule

Most people today are savvy internet users. With access speeds becoming faster by the day and always-connected mobile devices becoming the norm, users want to get to what they are looking for quickly. 

It is estimated that you have about five seconds for your website to convince someone to stay and read on before they quickly click the back button and
search elsewhere.

Every website will have some bounces from users who are simply not relevant to you, but you don’t want to lose potential customers by having a convoluted
navigation or text that drones on without getting to the point. Make sure that your home page contains clear messaging up front and above-the-fold.
Messaging should be brief and to the point and should lead users as quickly as possible to take another action on your site. The home page is the most
common entry point and thus should give the most attention to getting as many of your core messages included as can be cleanly done.

Don’t forget that your home page may not be the only page that users use to enter your site from the search engines. In fact, if you are doing a good job
with your SEO, you should have many entry points for potential users to find you, each of which is carefully targeted to what users are searching in
Google and what your company can offer them that relates to that term. All of your landing pages should get to the point immediately in the content
and then offer a simple, quick-to-fill-out form where they can get in touch with someone at your company or place an order.


Make sure users can get good information within five seconds of landing on your site and you are well on your way to attracting more customers.

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