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Have a Mobile-Friendly Site

Everyday more and more people are switching to smart phones as the simple flip phone becomes obsolete. People now are using their phones to search the Internet for everything. It has become very simple to use your phone to search something, and can be done quickly and efficiently, from nearly anywhere. This is why having a mobile optimized site is very important for a business. If your site is not mobile-friendly it can become difficult and tedious for a user to navigate it from their device, and they may very quickly go to a competitors site that is easier to use. There are different ways to tackle having a mobile optimized site from mobile-friendly layouts to sites that are fully responsive. A responsive site adjusts its layout automatically based upon the size of the device a user is accessing it from. This is a clean, elegant solution to provide an optimized mobile experience. If your site does not perform well on mobile devices, you should make it a top priority to update.