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Gmail — Filter, Label, Sort, Easy.

Gmail offers a number of ways to organize your email, making your life simpler and more straightforward—with minimal effort! 

Activate your email categories on your settings page to filter your emails as they come into your inbox. Emails can be put into Primary, Social, Promotions,
Updates, and Forums categories, allowing you to attend to personal or professional emails first and alerts or promotions later. If you are someone
who gets coupons, newsletters, job updates, videos, social network alerts, and any other number of notifications a day, you might not want them intertwined
with your regular communications with friends and family. Gmail filters it for you! You can even create specific filters through the “Filters” portion
in Settings to automatically separate emails using certain words, subjects, or people.

The next step for simplifying your inbox is to create folders within your Gmail. Folders make emails efficiently found later. You might have one folder
for pictures of family (cousin’s or nephew’s birthdays), another for work related materials (assignments or job offers), and another for friends (funny
videos or invitations). By creating labels within your general inbox, you can more easily find an email whenever you need it. Never lose track of a
certain communication by tucking it away under its proper label. With the rapid influx of emails we all seem to get these days, it’s easy for something
to get forgotten, but with automatic Gmail filters, and convenient folder labels, sorting your email is quick and easy. 

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