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Girl Fit Hits Refresh with Champ

by Kavya Sebastian

Girl Fit is a private practice outpatient physical therapy clinic and fitness studio, aiming to fill the gap in physical
therapy experiences for young women. With a licensed team of specialists from physical therapists and aides, yoga instructors, hip hop cardio and core
instructors, and more, Girl Fit encourages people not only to get better, but to stay better.

Kate Hamilton, the founder of Girl Fit, felt that her brand was not doing her mission justice. She came to Champ wanting to empower her online presence
just as much as she empowered her patients.

Through competitive research and use of best practices, our team at Champ developed a series of steps to help Girl Fit lunge into a new era of empowerment.
Refreshing Kate’s brand would involve an in-depth creative brief and moodboarding to create a new website and social media strategy that aligned with
the Girl Fit mission.

Champ worked with Kate’s team to develop a refreshed brand across a new website. After some initial competitive analysis and audience research, the Champ
creative team put together a beautifully designed moodboard to capture the essence of the Girl Fit brand. This moodboard informed the design elements
of the new website which ultimately helped solidify Kate’s branding as a business and attract new patients in the area.

The site was also optimized with keywords, meta titles, and descriptions to help improve online rankings. With a higher search ranking, the Champ SEO team
was able to drive more customers to going to Girl Fit for the physical therapy needs and to purchase workout classes outside of the PT services.

Upon launch of the new website, Champ also kicked off a social media engagement phase where Champ’s social media team strategized a new and improved approach
to engaging with Girl Fit’s online audience.

What were the results? View the full portfolio piece here

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