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Making note or commenting on items we see on the internet is a common everyday experience. We now look around our world and make mental notes of those restaurants, devices, and locations we like and actively share them with others through our online presence. 

The best possible use of sharing online for a business is to ask your fans to add a comment about one of your products or service, to get the ball rolling for a potentially wide breadth of networking. Some possible ways to promote the attention of your fans can include discounts for when they like or friend you on Facebook, coupons when they re-tweet a message that has your Twitter handle in it, or chances to win prizes for comments they leave on your social media pages. 

Another excellent way to increase customer online interaction with your company is using Call to Actions, or CTAs. A CTA is a more direct method of encouragement for people to leave comments on your page. An example of a CTA would be to post a question about consumers — “What is your favorite way to style your hair?” if you have a hair salon, or , “What is your top concern when buying food for your dog?” if you have a pet store, — or post a picture and have a caption contest. These prompts will not only provide an enticing way for your fans to get involved on your page, but they will likely lead to interactions among your fans themselves, all of which increases the activity on your page. 

People everywhere are already interacting online every day. By asking your fans to like your page or leave comments, you can greatly increase your online presence and boost your company’s brand.

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