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Get Recommendations on LinkedIn

When applying looking for new business opportunities, pursuing higher education or a new job, recommendation letters are often a requirement for an application. 

The reason for this is that the best way to get to know someone is to hear their bosses, coworkers, and clients sing their praises. Taking advantage of
the recommendation feature on LinkedIn is the perfect way to display your authority. As the most prominent blend of social media and business available,
LinkedIn is the best way in which to promote your business and recommendations are a personalized way to do so.

The two best ways to increase your recommendations are to 1) ask your clients and 2) trade for them. If your business is well run and you are friendly
with your clients, they will likely be more than happy to support you through a recommendation. Especially when you are a new or specific company with
a particular product, a recommendation from those you work with will truly show your capabilities and skills. Additionally, trading recommendations
can be an excellent business strategy on LinkedIn. A well-written recommendation is useful to anyone on LinkedIn, whether an established business,
someone looking for a job, or someone hoping to change careers. A mutually beneficial recommendation trade is a win-win situation.

There are a few overarching concepts that you should remember when requesting a LinkedIn recommendation. First, make sure you ask in a personal and professional
manner. Sending an individualized request adds value to it and ensures the receiver of the request that it would be meaningful for them specifically
to recommend you. A personal request will improve the quality of the recommendation. Second, request that specific details about your skills and abilities
be highlighted in the recommendation. This will show what you are particularly good at and highlight your best assets. Third, send a recommendation
request to someone you worked with or know closely. While a higher-up name or position might look good on paper, recommendations from those who know
you best will provide the best representation of your capabilities.

Whether asking clients directly or trading for recommendations, boosting your numbers on your LinkedIn profile will surely improve your reputation and
increase your authority.

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