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Get More Value From Tweets with Images

No longer is there a need to feel restricted to just a few words, for those words can be enhanced by an image on its own or leading to a larger picture
through a link. No matter how you like to express yourself on Twitter, using images offers you more room to do so.

Using images on your Twitter feed is a best practice. Tweeted images can even expand right within the newsfeed. When it comes to accessibility and engagement,
the addition of an image to a tweet has been shown to increase re-tweets by up to 150%. Furthermore, click-throughs on tweets using images grew by
18% and favorites by 89%. 

These numbers bode very well for those of you hoping to get your name, or the name of your business out there to reach a wider audience. Images generally
enhance the copy value of your Twitter image. Images in this medium can function as a standalone, can be a focused clip of a bigger linked image, or
can be marked with text or phrases on them. Having phrases relevant to your tweet copy is an additional way in which to get your message out there
to your fans and audience. Information that is provided through a variety of mediums is more likely to be internalized by an audience. 

By overcoming the Twitter word count limit, you increase the value of each tweet you post and will improve user engagement. Plus, using images on Twitter
is simply another great way in which to express yourself.

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