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Get Insight into Facebook for Better Engagement

When it comes to boosting Facebook engagement, there is no better method than working with live data concerning the success of your posts and advertisements. The Facebook Insights tool is specifically designed to provide this data to you. 

This method of tracking user interaction gives crucial information about when your audience is on social media along with what they are doing during that
time. The overview of data that you can access includes: total number of likes, total number of friends of fans, active talk, and weekly reach.

Looking into the data provided by Facebook Insights will allow you to more productively guide your posts. Start by assessing the virality of specific types
of posts. See which ones are most popular and when, see which ones are more likely to be passed on or re-posted. This can help you target the types
of information you send out to users. 

The data on likes contains demographic information on those users who liked your Facebook material; same with users who dislike any of your posts. This
information allows you to create targeted material for certain pockets of users. Additionally, this information can help you edit existing posts to
try to appeal more to those who unliked certain posts. Analysis on the reach of your Facebook pages allows you to see the route someone took to get
there, whether through an advertisement, a search, or a viral trend. 

Another piece of information gathered from Facebook Insights is how your content trends overtime, or who is talking about it when. Finally, if relevant,
you can see any check-in data that is available, gauging just how much your presence on social media might be impacting your success in sales. By running
the numbers and looking over the trends, you can create Facebook posts targeted toward the intended audience, posted at the optimal times, and built
to create more business. The best part of the Facebook Insight tool is that it automatically and constantly updates with new data. Utilize the Insight
feature on Facebook to boost the engagement of your Facebook posts today.

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