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A backlink is a hyperlink that links from any website back to your own website. 

Alternatively, a backlink is any connection the internet has to your site. Similar to author references in a published paper, backlinking is important
because it shows credibility and popularity of a website. By using backlink analysis of your competitors, you can begin to build a substantial backlinking
profile for yourself. 

Breaking the process up by keyword, create a list of the first ten results in Google and using backlink analysis software, get a list of all of the backlinks
that exist for those sites. Then, integrate all of these sites into a single complete list, removing duplicates and nonfunctioning sites. Parsing out
the sites that are indexed by Google allows you to prioritize the more useful links. 

Next, you begin the process of replicating your own presence on these high priority sites. Whether through blog posts, forum posts, guest posts or more,
you can create a method for creating a backlink to your website from this grouping of indexed sites. Finally, after the process of connecting your
own website to these other web pages, go back and check which ones have successfully backlinked to your site. This is the fun part, where you can see
what a difference you made by implementing the process of backlinking. 

Using this well-established method is an excellent way to begin the process of boosting SEO. Built on the structure of how the Internet is interwoven,
backlinking is a foolproof method for any new or old website designer.

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