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Free Tools to Build Your PPC

For those who don’t know, Pay Per Click, or PPC is a method used by advertisers in which the publisher gets paid only when an advertisement is clicked by a user. Essentially, it is a payment method that boils down to the amount of money spent for each click on an advertisement. 

So how can you improve your PPC campaign? Here are some tools to help you boost your number of clicks.

Check out WordHippo. This site is a modern day thesaurus, right at your fingertips. You can use this clever little tool to generate lists of synonyms and
antonyms to make your ads a bit more variable. Use Facebook data to determine what certain audiences like or dislike as a way to increase the likelihood
consumer subgroups will click on your ad. BidCops is a way in which to self audit your invested keywords and phrases to eliminate the ones not generating enough output. 

The SEO company approved tool SEMRush is a way to analyze a competing website’s keyword success, providing data on URLs, position, search volume, CPC, and other useful ranking information. The cleverly named Ubersuggest is a keyword generating machine that can be filtered by language, source, and search category. It suggests a wide range of specific terms based on your provided criteria. Another phrase generator, MergeWords takes the three words you need to repeatedly combine and gives you numerous combinations, saving you time and energy. 

To optimize your choice of ads, SplitTester is a fantastic resource to test the clicks and click-through rates of two potential advertisements. This tool calculates long-term success of your competing ads to help you pick the better of the two. Don’t forget to look into using a local keyword generator. These tools can be downloaded for free and help create entire keyphrases, including location specifics, to increase the geographical precision of your ad. Another great tool is the AdWords Wrapper. This device efficiently produces keyword phrases of your choice in a series of search engine shortcuts such as parentheses, square brackets, quotation marks, and more. The free-to-use AdComparator software will run 15 various details of your ad to optimize your design through the process of comparison. The tool also works with websites and email campaigns. Finally, An indispensable tool when it comes to calculating the return that your advertisement produces, ROI Calculator (CPC) takes your total monthly clicks, estimated cost per click, and other information into account and tells you the approximate revenue generated.

Don’t just leave your PPC campaigns to run on autopilot for too long. Consistent updating and optimizing will provide you with the best results for your

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