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Foster Customer Loyalty

One of the most important elements of a successful brand is customer loyalty. 

Having loyal customers has many, many benefits. Loyal customers can evangelize your brand for you, can help you build your base, and offer fast-cycle up-sell
opportunities as you have new products or offerings that can benefit them.

Building loyalty and rewarding your best customers should be a top priority for your business. There are many ways to do this; here are a few ideas:

  1. Offer a rewards program. For businesses with customers who make frequent purchases, this is a no-brainer. Rewarding your customers
    more the more money they spend with you will make them feel good about supporting your business while also encouraging them to select you over
    your competitors.
  2. Feature them on your social media. Offering a shout out to your clients on your social media platforms is an excellent way to leverage
    your reach and make your customers happy. 
  3. Foster longevity.  When your prices increase or your pricing structure changes, allow your longest-standing and most valuable
    clients to be grandfathered into the old structure if it benefits them.  This can avoid customer frustration and lets your customers know
    that you value their long-term business.
  4. Reward referrals. Want your business to sell itself? There’s no better way than making your customers be your brand evangelists and
    rewarding them for it. Reward referrals from your existing client base with discounts or other gifts and benefits.
  5. Always say “Thank you.” Whether its making sure that your website forms have a polite auto-response or sending off a hand-written
    note after a particularly productive meeting, saying “thank you” makes your clients feel appreciated and lets them know you notice when they are
    good to you or your business.
  6. Let your people shine. Putting a focus on your employees and partners and allowing them to put a personal touch on their interactions
    with your customers will help to develop a personal connection to your business that will make them want to keep working with you.
When you are building out your marketing strategy and plans, be sure to dedicate time and focus to rewarding your loyal customers. It just might be what separates you from your competition.
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