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Font Squirrel: Quality, Designer-Friendly Fonts

Finding freeware that is of high quality as well as licensed for commercial use can be challenging. Font Squirrel has done the work for you. With a wealth of hand-selected typefaces, Font Squirrel offers an incredibly simple format that is easy to use and compatible with numerous designs – for FREE! 

When designing your website, you want to make sure you are presenting the look and feel that you want. Fonts can influence the way people see information,
and it is important that your information is portrayed appropriately. By using Font Squirrel, you have a multitude of different fonts ranging from
more classic designs to modern typefaces to unique and complex fonts. Whatever vibe you are looking for can be found here.

The best part? Font Squirrel is a free site that allows you to access all of these fonts for commercial use without the hassle of paying for them. You
will want to double check the specific license that Font Squirrel holds for each font, as they may need to connect you to the foundry’s website. Browse
the available fonts by what’s hot, what is most recent, or by viewing all. You can also search by either font name or foundry name to narrow what you
are looking for. Font Squirrel even has an “Almost Free” section that provides great deals on certain fonts that are not available at a completely
free value. 

Finally, Font Squirrel is easy to use and offers simple instructions for installing fonts onto your computer along with tutorials on the process of installation.
Check out Font Squirrel today and see all the possibilities available for you to customize
the look of your site.

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