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Finding the Best Content with a Content Analysis Platform — Part 2

This week, we bring you the second installment of our two-part Content Analysis series. In our first Content Analytics post, we covered website, social media, marketing automation, and SEO analytics—all relevant ways to explore your user and customer base. This week, we’ll tackle personalization tools, sales enablement software, social media management and “listening” tools, and email marketing solutions. Read on for ways to harness the power of analytics technology to drive your bottom line.

    Keep it Personal With sales enablement software, you can lean on technology to keep your content curren—and relevant. Use Savo to benchmark your organization’s sales enablement process against industry patterns. Harness Docurated for creating credible, high-quality presentations, and utilize Postwire to share and edit a range of content types. Qvidian promises to reduce your sales team’s onboarding time, and Jive Software facilitates easy collaboration across your organization—all from one unified “workspace.”

    Harness the Power of Sales Enablement Tools.
    It pays to understand your social media, so you can learn from your mistakes—and repeat your successes. Harness Curalate to decide which images fare best on Pinterest and Instagram. Or check out CrowdBooster, which monitors your company’s social media presence, providing feedback on interactions and follower growth. Plus, tools like Nuvi and Trendspottr offer real-time insights about trending topics. TrackMaven and Simply Measured offer workable interfaces, and tools like Zuum and Rival I.Q. offer stats on your toughest competitors.  

    Keep an Ear to the Ground: Listening Tools.
    Use social media management and listening tools to engage with your customers, create customized widgets, generate and publish content, track hashtags and juggle social media accounts, and much more. For Twitter-focused analytics, turn to Tweetdeck and Social Bro. Sprinklr, the choice of today’s largest global marketers, enables you to connect with CRM systems and communicate effectively with large quantities of customers. Sprout Social enables multiple users to schedule and post across a handful of social media avenues, while Keyhole helps you to analyze follower interest. Finally, Buffer helps you to post selective media throughout the day – across various accounts.

    Back to the Basics: Embrace the Email
    At the end of the day, today’s heavy hitters are scrolling through their email accounts, perusing the day’s announcements and pausing at anything that might catch their eye. Grab your reader’s attention through email by means of innovative email marketing solutions, like Constant Contact, which helps organizations to design compelling emails, build dynamic email contact lists, and track results for cohesive insights. iContact specializes in HTML emails and signup forms, while Vertical empowers marketers to send emails and newsletters responsive on every platform – and at no cost to the marketer. Try Sales Panda for high-quality marketing collateral and effective SEO, or GetResponse, which promises better consumer engagement through improved design.  

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