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Finding the Best Content with a Content Analysis Platform — Part 1

The demand for high-quality, relevant content is on the rise – and the market’s thirst isn’t dwindling anytime soon. Entrepreneurs who skimp on content lose out in the short- and long- term, so it pays to face the content boom head on. The world of content analysis aids, tools, and guides is a lot to swallow in one mouthful—so we’re here to break it down in two parts. This week, we offer the skinny on web, social media, SEO, and marketing analytics platforms.

    Web Analytics: The Bottom Line To scrutinize the activity on your company’s websites, you’ll do well to harness a website analytics tool—or a combination of several. Webtrends, Mixpanel, Woopra, and Kissmetrics offer real-time stats, timelines, and a range of approaches to user measurements, including detection of complex actions. Google Analytics is an old standby, while Simplereach and offer distinctive insights alongside comprehensive data representation.

    Break Your Social Media Down.
    It pays to understand your social media, so you can learn from your mistakes—and repeat your successes. Harness Curalate to decide which images fare best on Pinterest and Instagram. Or check out CrowdBooster, which monitors your company’s social media presence, providing feedback on interactions and follower growth. Plus, tools like Nuvi and Trendspottr offer real-time insights about trending topics. TrackMaven and Simply Measured offer workable interfaces, and tools like Zuum and Rival I.Q. offer stats on your toughest competitors.  

    Embrace SEO Analytics.
    High-quality SEO-driven content is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, so stay ahead of the game and embrace the trend. Harness technologies like Raven Tools, BrightEdge, and gShift to gauge your market presence and analyze your keyword-oriented campaigns—all while using a range of relevant metrics. Easily establish trending keywords, and take note of weaker terms.

    Let the Tools Do the Talking with Marketing Automation
    Work smarter, not harder, with marketing automation tools like Pardot, Genius, Eloqua, Marketo, and more. Integrate your email, social media, blog, and messaging platforms for a complete view of your users and clients. Take a closer look at the demographics that matter most to your campaigns. Employ technologies like HubSpot to create personalized landing pages, webpages, email copy, and more—and make use of HubSpot’s expansive knowledge base, too. The world of marketing automation is growing fast, so keep your eye on innovations as they evolve.