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Facebook’s Retargeting Pixel Increases Business

Increasing the Facebook traffic on your website can take a lot of focus, marketing, and skill. We suggest utilizing the power of Facebook Retargeting Campaigns in order to make the process of boosting traffic much simpler. When you are able to increase Facebook activity through advertisements that have been retargeted, you are simultaneously narrowing your targeted audiences.
With smaller audience groups, you can know more about them, and therefore be more efficient when targeting them as customers. The Facebook Retargeting
Pixel allows you to do just this. Using nothing more complex than a browser cookie, the Facebook Retargeting Pixel allows you to retarget specific
users who have already visited your Facebook page. This saves both time and money as you create your ad campaigns.

Once you have successfully installed the Facebook Pixel onto your website, you can begin the process of creating custom audiences in order to officially
retarget your Facebook ad campaigns. Setting up custom audiences, whether those who visit your webpage, those on your mailing list, or those who comment
on your page, is simple. In the Ads Manager, click on “tools” and then “audiences.” Then choose from website traffic, app activity, or customer list
for what kind of group you are trying to target. Depending on what you click, you will be prompted to narrow your audience again and to choose a time
period of days you want to look at. Finally, once your custom audiences are all designed, you will have the chance to create new ads, with various
objectives, and then select which target audience you want to direct the ads to.

All of this leads you to have better targeted advertisements, and therefore increase the amount of traffic you see on your Facebook page. Facebook Ad Retargeting
works on the simple principle of just tracking user behavior. By harnessing this information and pointing it in a specified direction, you will see
enormous increases in the success of your ads.

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