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Facebook Pages Gets a Fresh New Look For Mobile

Facebook has announced the rollout of numerous updates for business Pages, which will empower businesses to maximize their Facebook exposure – and better
harness the power of word of mouth. Notable updates include a brand-new Recommendations component to the Pages interface, plus the option to add useful
tags to posts and reviews. Having a Facebook profile has always been a boon for businesses and brands, but with new tweaks to Pages, companies may
enjoy more publicity than ever before.

Recommendations on Facebook Pages

The new Recommendations feature on Facebook Pages means that users can post written reviews of your business, complete with text, images, and related business
tags. Recommendations must be at least 25 characters long, since Facebook claims this makes reviews more meaningful. With a prominent place on your
business Page, Recommendations will make it easy for potential customers to peruse relevant client reviews.

The option to add imagery and text with customer reviews is definitely a pioneering advance, but the most elusive change has to do with the addition of
tags. Tags, which will function like hashtags for businesses, offer users the option to add keywords to their reviews.

The Skinny on Facebook Tags

According to Facebook representatives, tags will make it easier for users to make sense of your business offerings – plus, they’ll help Facebook more effectively
categorize your business for related searches. Data embedded in recommendations – including relevant tags – means your business will show up whenever
people seek business recommendations related to your brand.

Facebook has already anticipated potential problems inherent to Pages and tags – fake reviews, for example, could run rampant, and false keywords could
give users the wrong impression. Therefore, Facebook has created a process to report fraudulent or spam-related content, so users and business owners
can deliver comprehensive feedback directly to Facebook’s engineers.

Streamline Your Services With Pages

Facebook’s Pages updates are also designed to make it easier for users to obtain services directly from your organization. From booking appointments to
ordering food, sending messages or writing recommendations, the goal is to make these processes as easy as possible, so in just a few clicks, customers
and users will find just what they’re searching for.

With these new “action buttons,” companies have a say about who accesses their information and services. Page templates will define which buttons appear
where, so be sure to select a Page template that suits your organization’s goals. The buttons have been optimized for mobile devices, so prospective
customers on the go will be able to access your information in a logical, streamlined manner.

Tell Your Story on Facebook

The increased visibility of Page Stories is bound to boost usage. Although Pages have had access to Facebook Stories for almost a year now, users will
be able to view your Page story by tapping on your profile photo. Functioning a lot like Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories will be easy for users
to access and view, since they’ll be placed so prominently on the Page.

What Else Is New For Pages?

In addition to Recommendation and tags, Facebook has announced that Pages will now be able to feature key information for customers, including hours, menus,
price ranges, special offers and promotions, and events. You’ll be able to sell event tickets directly on your Facebook Page, and job listings will
be more visible, too – now, users will have the option to post job listings globally, not just locally.

Facebook Pages Update: The Future of Doing Business

Today, the majority of the world’s adult-aged inhabitants have access to Facebook, and many of us check it every day. As Facebook reports, “80 million
businesses rely on Facebook to maintain an online presence” – and that number is bound to keep growing. To stay abreast of business-savvy advances,
it pays to boost your Page presence, ensuring that your would-be customers have access to quality reviews, relevant business information, and keywords
to help them find just what they need.

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