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Facebook Advertising for Beginners

The first step to any quality Facebook advertising is creating a representative Facebook page. Within this page, you can brand your business. 

Next, Facebook will ask you if you would like to pay to start advertising. While it is at a cost, the benefit gained with Facebook advertisements is well
worth it. When you use the Power Editor option, you open the window to: develop/advertise posts that aren’t published yet, filter through different
advertising campaigns, use excel importing tools to create bulk groups of ads, and categorize your audience into targeted advertisement groups. 

Using the right campaign objective is important. Different advertisements have different results. Some of the goals to aim for include: page likes, website
conversions, app engagement, offer claims, page post engagement, clicks to websites, app installs, and event responses. Next, using Ad Set, set your
budget for how much you want to spend toward ads. Make sure to direct your ads to the correct audience using the vast segmentation offered —
location, age, interests, gender, language, education, relationship status, political views, and more. Then you can choose exactly where to place your
ad for maximum impact and value. You can put it in the Newsfeed, mobile Newsfeed, or in the right-hand column. Now to the good stuff — 
Choosing the right Facebook ad for your business

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