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Editorial Calendars and Reliable Marketing

It’s common knowledge in today’s marketing world that content marketing is incredibly important. Don’t fall behind when writing and producing content.

Via content marketing you can provide information to your audience, attract new customers, and increase visibility in the search engines. There are many
ways to create and utilize content to push your brand. Blogs, FAQ lists, newsletters ,and tip lists like this one are just some examples of ways you
can distribute content.

The common thread with these tools though is that they need to be produced on a regular basis. In particular with periodicals like a blog or newsletter,
having a regular cadence to your delivery helps to keep things fresh and allows your readers to expect when they will hear from you. It is easy to
fall behind on producing content, which can make users give up on your content, or in the case of content like a blog, it can make your website look
stale and poorly managed.

So what to do? The most important step is to create a thorough calendar of content so that you always know what needs to be produced when. We advise staying
a minimum of three weeks ahead of your posting schedule with your writing. That way, you always have at least three final pieces of content at the
ready in the event that you have an absence or a busy period at the company impact your ability to produce new pieces.

If you do fall behind, pick things up as soon as possible. Utilizing freelance writing resources can be a great way to play catch up if you need to without
draining your internal resources. We also suggest that you inventory the content on your site on at least a quarterly basis to make sure that nothing
needs refreshing.

Get your editorial calendar in order before you start any new content projects and you are bound to succeed.

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