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E-Scooters Stops Traffic with Champ

by Kavya Sebastian

How Champ Generated Website Traffic for Shop eScooters

Shop eScooters is all about innovation and adventure. Founded by a team of sporting enthusiasts and outdoor explorers, this client is on a mission to provide
the best electric rides for the future of transportation.

From scooters to bikes, Shop eScooters has something for every age group, but to be the best in the game, they needed their ideal customers to be finding
them online.


The eScooters was in search of a partner that was well-versed in the Google Advertising landscape. They first tried their own hand at Google advertising,
spending thousands of dollars on Google Ads without a single conversion.

Then, they approached Champ to build and optimize campaigns that would turn the curious into customers.


Our SEO and Search teams optimized the eScooter Google Ads to increase traffic to their website. Within a week of working together, we optimized the Shop
eScooters campaign to receive multiple conversions. In fact, after two months of optimizations, our Google Ads campaigns were responsible for over
500 transactions.

Our goal was to increase their conversions from Google Ad campaigns and by extension, reduce their average cost-per-click. This meant that eScooters’ average
cost-per-click went from $3.00 to under $0.25, which is an incredible improvement.

After three months of working together, Shop eScooters’ revenue went up by 560.19% and their revenue from organic traffic increased by nearly 300%. In
fact, from August to December of 2020, overall traffic to their site has increased by 1541%.

As with all our SEO engagements, Champ made sure our ad strategy would drive return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) for our client. For eScooters, the ROAS for the
month of December was 23.79, meaning that every dollar spent on ads returned $23.79. The performance-based optimizations that our search team made
to the existing Google Ad campaigns helped eScooters achieve this by reaching high-intent searchers in their target audience and increase sales.

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