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Dynamic Testimonials Have Greater Impact

A testimonials page is one of the most basic pages that most business websites have. When we start building a site we think about core pages that tell your audience about your business. These include, about, history, team, testimonials, news and events, and others. Now, when was the last time you read through the testimonials page of a site when you were searching to make a purchase? 

Probably not very recently. So why do we keep adding testimonials to our sites?

Testimonials can serve a useful purpose. They help confirm for a customer that your product or service will meet their needs, and in many cases, they can be a more relatable way to get information to your prospects about what you can do for them. 

However, since many users will not read through a testimonials page in their search, using your testimonials dynamically throughout your site is a much better way to get them seen and get your message across.

Using content holders and dynamic calls, you can spread your messages throughout your site from your home page to internal product or service pages. Try to make them relevant to the page on which they appear so that you are portraying a consistent message across the entire section of your site.

Using dynamic testimonials is an excellent way to help push prospects across the line to making a purchasing decision.

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