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Draw Traffic Via #Hashtags

It was on Twitter back in 2007 that the “pound sign” (#) was first used to create groups, which evolved into a hyperlinked tool further connecting topics. 

Now this feature spans across all sorts of social media. By clicking on the hashtag associated with a group, a user can quickly access all related posts with that tag on that platform that are public. This creates an enormous web of connections, potentially leading people eventually back to your own posts and sites. This pathway can lead people to information about your business who might otherwise have never seen it. 

This invaluable tool is an excellent and speedy way to get the word out there about your company. At this point, hashtags are commonly used as search tools
themselves. Keyword related hashtags can draw people in through all kinds of mediums, and they are free of charge. One thing to keep in mind with hashtags
is: don’t over-do it. If you overwhelm people with hashtag options it can be tedious for them to click through them. Make your hashtags meaningful
and useful. Also, keep them to a reasonable length. Sometimes it is fun for people to create hashtags that are complete sentences. However, as a business,
this can be distracting and not look professional. Creating a hashtag is as easy as putting a # in front of a word or words (without spaces!) on one
of the social media platforms you are involved in. Go ahead and try setting up one today!

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