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Do Your SEO Research

Most business owners know that their website needs to be well-designed, modern, and now, responsive to mobile platforms. 

You also know that having high quality content is important. However, before you add any content to your website, do you or your writers research the keyphrases
you should use?

Your high quality content will hold much less value for you if it doesn’t include the words that your audience is using to search. It’s essential that
you use platforms like Google’s keyword tool to make sure that you are choosing the words to form your content that have the highest search volumes
and/or the lowest competition. While keyword stuffing is a no-no and you want your content to read cleanly, you also must include a variety of relevant
phrases that users put in their searches in order to maximize performance.

It only takes a few minutes to run phrases through the keyword tool and generate ideas before you start writing, but it will significantly impact how far
the reach of your content extends.

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