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Device Compatibility, Will Mobile Work?

Web design is constantly changing to work with consumer behavior. What is the most current consumer behavior we must adapt to? Mobile device use. 

Almost three-quarters of Americans own a smart phone, and tablet ownership has increased from 5% in 2011 to 29% in 2013. It is clear that any website that
already is or hopes to be of popular use has to be accessible in the mobile realm. Furthermore, in 2013 Americans spent 34 hours per month using mobile
browsers compared to 27 hours on computers. 

A common myth is that since a website can still be accessed from a phone or tablet, creating a version with mobile optimization is a waste of money and
time. However, this is false. Sure, a consumer might be able to view your site from their smart phone easily enough, but having a device compatible
site looks better, is easier to use, and eliminates the chance that your consumers will stop visiting your site because it is too much of a nuisance.
Just imagine using your own smart phone to view a site—all you are looking for is the number to a store. You go to the site, the font is immediately
displeasing at that size and difficult to read. You locate the contact link, but are unable to click it because it is too small and to close to the
link next to it. 

With an optimized web design you are saving your consumers’ time and providing them a more appealing product. The little changes have big results.

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