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Define a Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is the order in which the human eye perceives what it sees. In much simpler terms, this means when you look at something, you tend to notice certain things first, others later, and some not at all. What attracts your eye right away? It could be a background if the color pops out, or the font if it is a certain size and text. Visual hierarchy is very important when it comes to building a website. Whatever is most important for the site and for your business is what you want to make sure is at the center of your visual hierarchy. With this, you want to take control of the direction of the user’s gaze.  When working with visual hierarchy, you want to make sure you don’t have too much going on in one area and there is definition to the page. A great way to test site for visual hierarchy when you are designing it is by stepping back from your screen and squinting your eyes a bit. When doing this you can see what stands out the most, and which areas of positioning really pop out to you. Make sure you are focusing people in the right direction.

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