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Credibility Stamps on Your Website

What are credibility stamps?

Think of credibility stamps as endorsements from the issuing organization. These organizations, which range from government sponsored and industry regulators
to non-profits, analyze businesses according to a set of pre-determined standards. If a business meets those requirements, they are given a “credibility
stamp” or stamp of approval.

Why are credibility stamps utilized?

Credibility stamps provide a third-party perspective on a business’s practice. They give potential customers the assurance that a business is following
all the standards their endorsement requires.

How and where to use them

Let’s use the U.S. Department of Health as an example. When a business passes a health inspection, they are given a certificate confirming the feat. In
many cases, a business will frame the certificate and display it on the wall where it is visible to customers. What you’ll notice, however, is the
balance between the certificate being directly or indirectly displayed. Typically it is placed in a position where customers will see it, while not
drawing too much attention. Approach placing credibility stamps on your website in the same fashion. You want potential customers to know that you
have been endorsed or are an accredited website, while not over-emphasizing the fact. Although, on an e-commerce business website prominently displaying
credibility stamps will work to your advantage and demonstrate a higher level of trust and credibility with potential new customers.



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