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Content is so important in the world of SEO, and it is even more important that it’s relevant. When creating content, there are some large areas you want to focus on to make sure it does not get labeled as black hat tactics or spamming by Google. When writing your content, there are a few things you can remember to make your content much more relevant for the reader, and following these few tactics can keep your from getting put in the dog house by Google. First, you should always make sure you content is staying consistent and is useful. With this, you want to make sure it is authentic and it’s your own work, and that it uses keywords that make sense in context. The content should also draw on your customers’ emotions and pull them into reading it. While doing this with your content, you want to try to tell and not sell. Readers want to know about the product and not just be reading a sales pitch. Make sure you are targeting relevant keywords, with informational content, and you should do well with SEO.

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