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Create a Map Your Users Want to Follow

The way you structure your information is essential to the ability to keep users on your site and to convert them to customers. 

A beneficial way to organize your content is to think of your site as containing many funnels for users to travel down. The top of your funnel is your
home page, where the majority of your visitors are likely to begin perusing your site. From there, you need to consider what are the most important
pieces of information that users are most likely looking for and how can you get them there in an efficient manner while exposing them to the best
messaging you have for their needs.

When you create the content logic and architecture for your site, it can be helpful to map out the pathways that you think customers are most likely to
travel to hopefully end up at a buying decision. Be sure that your site reflects these pathways via funnels from your home page drilling down to the
information that can get you a customer action. Each step of the pathway should be obvious and easy for the user.

For example, Amazon does an excellent job of managing it’s users pathways. Users immediately have access to a search bar where they can type anything,
but, they are also provided with categories that can allow them to head down the path they want while still doing some browsing. That way, a customer
can get immediately to a specific product, or, just as easily, they can browse a whole group of products. Likewise, Amazon further influences the user’s
pathway by offering suggestions of what others bought along with the product that a user is viewing. So if you are looking at shoes, you’ll not only
get similar shoe recommendations, but you will likely also get suggestions for socks, shoelaces, shoe organizers, etc. This make sit more likely that
Amazon can sell you more products in one visit.

Be sure you are considering the pathways your users are taking and how to make them work well both for your customers and for your company.

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