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Content writing for marketing results.

Are you writing content for your company’s website? Creating a new leave-behind? It’s easy to think, “I know my company inside and out, writing marketing content will be cake.” Sometimes it might even feel like cake as you do it. But the question you need to ask is, are you writing about your company or are you writing about your audience?

You see, customers don’t necessarily feel an interest or attachment to the things that you yourself might feel proud about in terms of your company’ successes or characteristics. You might be a small retailer holding your own against big box stores and offering top notch service. That is awesome, but telling your audience that might not get you more customers. If what they are seeking is value and getting more for their money, they may perceive that can only be attained via shopping with larger corporations. Not true? Tell them so, and do it concisely.

To effectively market your business to target customers, you need to get to the bottom of what they really want. What problem might you solve for them? What will help them make a choice between you and someone else? Are the things you are promoting strong enough to force a buying decision?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you need to get this information up front. If you need help getting the answers, leverage your existing customer base. Ask their opinion, reward them for filling our surveys, conduct short polls on social media outlets; find out what they love about you. Then let the world know.

A customer should be able read and understand your key marketing message within 20 seconds of arriving on your site or receiving your promotion. In our ever-moving and communicating word, attention spans are short and time is precious. Don’t waste time on your home page giving a 10 minute overview on the history of your company. What do your customers want? Let’em have it!

For example, say you are an insurance broker. I have a great one. I like her because she not only takes care of my insurance, but she reminds me when my car needs to be re-registered. If I get a new car she will make the trips to the RMV for me to hand in my plates so I don’t have to go and stand in line. If I crack my windshield on a weekend and I’m not sure what to do or can’t remember what my coverage is, I can reach her. Basically, she manages all the hassles of managing my insurance so that I don’t have to. She might also have been in business for 20 years, serve the local community, have a lovely office…the fact is, I don’t care, I never have to visit her office and never have to think about my insurance and that is why I love her business. She should be telling her customers within seconds of arriving at her site: work with me because I save you time and remove the downsides of car ownership.

So what do you do for your customers? What problem can you solve? Why are you better than your competition? How can you let your customers know in 20 seconds or less? Make sure you get right to the point. This is how to market effectively. It may take some time and research to come up with your core messages, but it’s worth it. That is what will drive your business forward.