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Content Is King

Fresh content is so important in the world of SEO, and it is what will help to drive traffic to your site. When writing your content, always keep in mind
that you are trying to attract search engine traffic. This is why sometimes just writing an article is not enough to produce the traffic you want.
Building on the content you have, with a focus on what is relevant to the audience you wish to reach, can dramatically improve the quality and quantity
of traffic to your site.

There are different types of SEO content building that can help your site, but they are not quick fixes and do take time to produce. One great way is creating
product pages. If you are operating any type of retail e-commerce this is an excellent strategy for SEO. Another simple, yet extremely effective content
source is blogging. The great thing about blogs is that they are engaging, and can be used in a variety of ways. They are also likely to attract links
which can help make your site more authoritative.

If you have certain areas of your business that can benefit from in-depth explanation, these next two ways are time consuming, but can create great SEO
return: videos and guides. Having tutorial videos can generate a great return. They are easy for users to share and serve as a valuable resource. Just
remember to take into consideration that video production may cost money, and you may have to shoot scenes over a few times to get it right. If you
can’t do a video, making a how-to guide on your page explaining the steps on how to do something can also generate movement among your page.

Two additional ways to build on your content are to use articles or slideshows. Articles can do wonders for a site, providing additional information to
your users in bite-sized pieces. Slideshows can help improve content for you because sometimes pictures are much more useful then words. People often
tend to search things based on what something looks like. If you have many different types of  products for your website, a slideshow of them
can be great to help people find what they need.