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Constructive Feedback in Web Design

The goal to keep in mind is to strike a balance between being critical and being kind. Too much of either tone will not lead to productiveness and will
risk damaging the professional relationship. The first mistake to avoid is demanding change without explaining why. Sure, it is simple for a designer
to remove an image or add a color, but if you can provide justification about why the change needs to be made, 1) the designer will be less likely
to think of it as a personal issue with style and 2) he/she might have some great insight into how to best make the desired alteration.

A second mistake that is easy to fall into is being too vague with feedback. There is no way for a designer to be in a marketer’s head (they have different
perspectives and roles–that is why they need each other). Be as specific as possible about what works with the project and what does not. This will
save you both time and money.

A third thing to keep in the mind is to not overdo the size of the team involved. When numerous team members are vying for their opinion to be heard, the
main purpose of a design can be lost in the chaos. The best way to handle this is to coordinate opinions on the side of the marketers first and then
present feedback to the designer in a more streamlined fashion. This method will also decrease the chances of too many personal demands getting in
the way of the success of the project. Another important mistake to avoid is placing too much emphasis on what needs to change and not enough and what
you like. As a marketer, you must make a conscious effort to give praise along with critique. Knowing what you like is useful feedback too!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, avoid being disrespectful. When there is a big contract on the line with a client, it is easy to get wrapped up
in perfection and forget that you are working with other people who are under pressure as well. Always keep in mind that the best work will be done
when everyone involved feels comfortable and respected. Be constructive with your feedback and kind in your manner.