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Considerations Before Migration

Whether your growing business (or herd!) needs more space, an upgrade in server provider, has outdone itself in customer volume, or desires the biggest and the best server setup, there are a number of reasons to consider a website migration. 

Planning for this possibility is a smart move, and planning starts with an understanding of what kind of change there needs to be a plan for.

First, know what it is that you are trying to relocate. There is a good chance you will need to call in reinforcements to do this well, but get an understanding
of the software, hosting platforms, application construction, and general composition of your site. Then ask yourself why it is you need to be migrating.
By answering this you will guarantee that your new server will fulfill the needs not being met by your current one.

Next you will want to think about what the costs will be, and what will be worth that cost. Make sure you are properly assessing your migration service
by inquiring about their level of experience and the services they have to offer. Ask about how many migrations they have done before, whether they
have worked with similar clients, what resources they have to offer to smoothly transition a server with different compatibility, and what kinds of
guarantees or success rates they have to offer. Make sure to consider all of the pieces that will need to fit together as you make a new whole. There
are particulars of applications, details when moving into a cloud server, and intricacies of your new look. Ensure that you consider all aspects of
your migration.

Last, but certainly not least, make a plan for what might go wrong. There are bound to be snafus as you migrate your server, and if you have identified
them early on and are prepared to work through them, the process can still be a smooth one. A game plan in case of down time, a testing strategy, and
advice from a professional all play an equally important role in migration success. Take the time to plan ahead and fully understand what you are working
with, and your website will be ready for an upgrade with an evolution of services that might occur.