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Claim Your Business and Claim Some Attention

More likely than not, new customers are likely right around the corner from your business location already. The best way in which to bring in new clientele is to be locally available. 

An internet presence is not enough, as it becomes less and less common for people to plan ahead from their home computer before getting on with their day. Customers all over are finding new restaurants, movie theaters, specialty stores, and more from their phone at the time of need. Mobile applications that are location based are useful to find nearby businesses and to find out basic information about a place, such as open hours and phone numbers for contact.

Anyone who is anyone represents their business on Yelp. During just the first quarter of 2014, 61 million
individual users visited the Yelp app. By claiming a business on Yelp, an owner is able to best customize the data available to users and offer more
appealing details such as pictures and reviews. Yelp advertising allows for placement at the top of local listings and is an opportunity to entice
customers looking for local deals with coupons and discounts.

Foursquare is another indispensable location-based app for business owners. While not the most utilized
app available, Foursquare, and its offshoot Swarm, are both excellent ways to list a business as a local attraction. This app has personalized search
hardware that provides users with rewards for more usage. As a business owner, use Foursquare to post updates, advertise, offer coupons, and monitor
data on usage.

Finally, an upcoming app for location-based searching is called Citymaps. Citymaps allows users to
create a personalized social map to carve out a local area and share that area with friends. Additionally, users can create group social maps. On Citymaps,
your business will be represented with a logo, offers directions to your location, and lists relevant stores based on search criteria. Claiming your
business on any or all of these mobile applications will automatically increase the amount of exposure you have in your customer base. Location searches
are the way to go today for convenience.

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