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Champ Internet CEO Joins PSW Board

This article was featured on Metrowest Daily News on October 29, 2016. You can read the full article here.

Champ Internet CEO joins PSW board

Seth Worby, CEO and founder of Newton’s Champ Internet Solutions, announced his appointment to the board of directors for Partnerships for a Skilled Workforce. For more than 30 years, PSW has worked with businesses and public institutions to find solutions for labor-related challenges in the Metro Southwest Region of Massachusetts. There are three major initiatives that PSW is dedicated to — the Young Adult Employment Initiative, Career Centers and HealthCare Works. The Young Adult Employment program bridges the gap between low-income youths and the job market by focusing on education, career exploration and internships. PSW Career Centers provide invaluable help to low-income, unemployed adults with a desire to support their families in a college labor market. At a career center, they can upgrade their skills and have access to career counseling and resume building software. The HealthcareWorks program ensures the increasing demand on the healthcare industry is met with a supply of competent and capable health care professionals, through hospital connections and training facilities. For information:

PO Box 95240, Newton MA 02495 | 617.517.0733
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