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Cater Your Content to the Audience at Hand

When you are creating content for your website, you want it to be easy to understand and well-written, but you also want it to sound intelligent to the audience you are trying to reach. While it is true that the average American consumer reading level is at the seventh to ninth grade level, take into consideration whether you are writing for the average American consumer. 

If you are selling consumer products and competing with the likes of Amazon and Target, then absolutely, yes, that simple style is the writing style for you.
However, if you are an engineering firm looking to attract new talent, or a high-tech biochemistry laboratory reaching out to clients, a seventh grade level of writing for your marketing content is not likely to cut it. In the case of high tech or academic audiences, a more advanced level of writing including pertinent industry terms is likely a good idea.

Whenever you are creating new content, you have to consider the core message, goals, audience, and how you will measure success. Its possible that your website will need one type of content, while your print materials will require another. Or perhaps you have different areas of your site into which you funnel different types of users.
Make sure that when you generate content for your site that it will resonate with the right audience and not simply a large audience. It will serve you better and bring you a greater return on investment.

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