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Build a Site You Love

Something we always start with here at Champ during our discovery process is asking a client what’s out there on the web that they like, particularly in industries other than their own. 

Often the base technology of a cool site feature or useful widget can be changed, enhanced, or adapted to become a new and interesting feature on your
own site. Don’t dismiss features just because they have “been done”. Instead, focus on whether they can potentially offer value to your target
audience and how.

Don’t get bogged down in your own industry either. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when you are looking at the same types of material and information
day in and day out. Instead, focus broadly on websites that you use personally, not only for business. What is it about the experience that you like?
Could you offer a similar experience to your users on your own site in a different (and better) way?

To build a site you love, it should operate in a way that appeals to you and give your target audience easy access to the information they need most. Keeping
these things in mind when building your site will lead to a better site experience for your users.

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