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Budget-Friendly Video Footage for Your Website

Filming a video on an iPhone saves time and money, and ending up with a good quality video is not too difficult. 

This opens up access to video to a much greater number of individuals in web design. There are, however, some good tips to keep in mind to make sure that
any video you capture is the best quality it can be given the medium on which it is filmed. 

  1. Use widescreen. Almost any place through which someone will watch a video will be set up for widescreen rather than vertical. Shooting in a vertical format will not translate as smoothly and be as captivating as a widescreen shot. 
  2. Don’t forget a tripod. Save yourself an immense amount of frustration by utilizing a tripod when filming with your iPhone. Even the steadiest of hands can show up shaky in the end product and your video will look much more professional by using this simple tool. 
  3. Avoid using zoom. One fault of the iPhone video camera is that it simply zooms into an image digitally without an optical lens that can do the zooming. This can result in very pixilated images that will take away from the quality of your final product. 
  4. Use lighting. As good as the iPhone is at filming in natural light and adjusting to small changes within natural light, the best video will be produced with adequate lighting. Picking up some off-camera lights will completely upgrade your shot. 
  5. Don’t forget the exposure lock. When taking a photograph, the iPhone will focus and expose your shot automatically. This however will continue to happen when using the video function. If you utilize the exposure focus lock you will prevent your final product from having inconsistent footage. 
  6. Keep the microphone close to your subject. The audio for any video will be clearer and crisper the closer a microphone is positioned to the subject. This might be done with a second iPhone by the person being filmed or through the use of a second, external microphone. 
  7. Clip-on lens adapter. Purchasing the clip-on lens adapter for the iPhone will allow you to get those incredibly wide shots, and really broaden your filming capabilities. 
  8. Don’t over-do slow motion. The iPhone’s slow motion feature is incredible and can really add to a video. However, be careful with overdoing it by making sure the shot you are creating in slow motion is relevant and entertaining when filmed through this medium. 
  9. Go to the computer for edits. While many editing applications exist to cut a film right on your iPhone, nothing beats the quality of a good editing system on your computer. Filming with your iPhone is a great way to create video for your website. However, do not be fooled by the ease. To create high quality video, you still must be patient and use all of the tools available. Follow these tips and you will harness the power of the iPhone video.
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